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Dulu is an innovative customer experience feedback solution for any retail chain or service provider. It provides customer satisfaction insights with integrity, and intelligently reports to management. The results help ultimately to shape service delivery and continiously improve the performance of staff and service providers.


DoYouLikeUs offers these outstanding services for large, medium and small scale companies

Collect Feedback

LISTEN to your entire customer community with our amazing thumbs up star rating “like us or not” system. Our quick and easy home screen is the key to unlock your customer's feedback whilst Monitoring and Rewarding your employees. enables you to continuously improve, gaining a full overview of your company's physical offline and online service performance.

Monitor Results

KNOW your service delivery and where improvements are needed with our intelligent Reporting Service. Customer data is collated, analyzed and readied for your review. 24/7 access, for an unlimited amount of users with result summaries straight to your email.

Improve Service

INSPIRE your customers and employees through our information sharing results, via our ready-made Customer Interaction Reports. Sharing your reports to make improvements will motivate your staff to offer the best service experience every day. Customers can now have a voice and trust your brand is dedicated to improving service delivery

Simple, Interactive and Intuitive

What we do for you

Satisfied Customer…Profitable Bottom-line!

DoYouLikeUs is a turnkey solution that provides immediate customer feedback on services of retail/service-based organizations. It is a continuous customer satisfaction and intelligence reporting tool designed to improve services and business relations.

  • Improves customer satisfaction.
  • Promotes repeat customers and customer loyalty.
  • Increases customer support and referrals.
  • Increases revenue and sales.
  • Builds stronger customer relationships.
  • Shows Customers that their Opinion matters.

Doyoulikeus Customer Satisfaction Survey Solutions is compatible with android, ios, apple or window's tablets and smartphones. It also works with any customer feedback terminal.

DULU Stand First DULU Stand


The Survey App is suitable to any environment where customer satisfaction measurement and management is a must.

  • Approachability

    Friendly and inviting, it works in all business environments and encourages interaction from everyone.

  • Certainty

    Customer satisfaction shows your future success, and continuous service performance analysis is the key.

  • Flexibility

    Follows your results, pinpoints improvement needs, and monitors your success. Your business and customer base will flourish.

  • Effectiveness

    Follow your results, pinpoint improvement needs, and monitor your success. Your business and customer base will flourish.

DULU Stand First DULU Stand

Here are some of our screenshots

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DULU Customer Book Appointment Book Appointment
DULU Customer General Performance Ratings Performance Ratings
DULU Customer Make Suggestion Compliments Compliants in your own words Make Comments
DULU Customer Make Video Comments Make Video Comments
DULU Products Services Categories Products & Services
DULU Products Services Ratings Products & Services Ratings
DULU Customer Rate Staff by Pictures Rate Staff by Pictures
DULU Social Media Social Media
DULU Staff Rating Page Staff Rating Page
DULU Customer Thank You Exit Page Thank You & Exit Page
DULU Customer Thumbs Up or Down Thumbs Up or Down
DULU Customer Various Options Experience Various Options

Reporting / Analysis

DULU Analytics Locations Statistics Statistics
DULU Analytics Locations Likes Locations Likes
DULU Analytics Locations Dislikes Locations Dislikes
DULU Analytics Top Staff Top Staff
DULU Analytics Locations Statistics Locations Statistics
DULU Analytics Locations Settings Locations Settings
DULU Analytics Add Banner Add Banners
DULU Analytics Locations Users Locations Users
DULU Analytics Add Product Add Products

Packed with amazing features

Ready to start!... Simple, effective and easy to use

Intuitive Interface

Designed for consumers to quickly and easily complete a survey.

Available for Android

Collect survey responses on Android tablets.

Rate Staff with Pictures

Survey the ratings of staffs' general performance

Thumbs Up / Thumbs down System

Get started without any technical expertise whatsoever.

Booking Appointment

The App allows Users to be able to book an Appointment

Complete Rating System for Products Performance

Discover what improvements or alterations you can make on your service / product based on consumer opinions.

Video your Response

Capture video with any camera-equipped tablet or phone.

Turn Tablets into Kiosks

Transform your tablet into an interactive data collection kiosk.

Engaging Experience

Make collecting data a fun experience by using our interactive question types.

Build your own Survey

its allows you to create a survey from scratch and start adding questions immediately.

Efficient Response and user management

Quick response to the Admin manager from the front end

Form Builder with Powerful Admin

Our easy-to-use form builder helps to ensure that your forms are engaging, clear, and professional.


Our facts

Voice of the Customer

A customer experience solution with fast and easy reliable reports.

Email & Telephone

Fast support via email and Telephone


Efficient Response and user management


Sectors where Doyoulikeus can be used


  • Finance & Insurance
  • Restaurants / Hotels
  • Educational Institutions
  • Gym & Fitness Centers
  • Aviation / Transportation


  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Local Government offices
  • Places of Attraction / Tourism
  • Courts
  • Police stations

Case Studies

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DULU Case Studies Fashion Store Fashion Store
DULU Case Studies Telecoms Experience Shops Telecoms experience Shop
DULU Case Studies Restaurant Restaurant
DULU Case Studies Car Dealers Car Dealers
DULU Case Studies Gym Fitness Centre Gym & Fitness Centre
DULU Case Studies Exhibitions Exhibitions
DULU Case Studies Aviation Aviation
DULU Case Studies Reception Reception
DULU Case Studies Hotels Hotels
DULU Case Studies Website Integration Website Integration
DULU_Case_Studies_Banks.jpg Banks
DULU Case Studies Hospitals Hospitals


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